Your Talent can not move this world but your FAITH IN GOD can turn the world upside down!

Paul Mooney

Show Compassion and Love to Everyone


A pizza delivery driver who has been fighting to overcome an addiction relapse was recently moved to tears after he was surprised with a $700 tip from members of an Ohio church, and the selfie video of his emotional reaction is going viral.

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The True Meaning of Christmas – Inspirational Video

The true meaning of Christmas
Eternal love. This is for you and every person on this planet. Even the lonely and rejected. Christmas and every other day of the year. It’s not about the tree. Not about presents. Not about the songs. It’s about you. For you.

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You Bring Peace (Christmas Worship Song)

You Bring Peace’ by Sam Hargreaves.
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From the album ‘Christmas Songs’ by RESOUNDworship.
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You bring peace but not as the world gives,
you bring joy in the midst of our grief,
you’re the light who shines in our darkness,
you bring hope when we struggle to see.

Prince of Peace,
Everlasting Father,
Mighty God,
so wonderful to me.

Those walking in darkness have seen a great light
as the dawn breaks, shattering shadows.
The valley of death holds no fear in the night
for he’s with us; God is with us.

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Simple Christmas – Inspirational Video

A Video Presentation – Simple Christmas!

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